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Sunday, May 15, 2011


College days, the unforgettable days, are undoubtedly the most exciting days of anyone's life. I had a great time while I was in the college, and one of the memorable event of that beautiful journey was when we went for a trip to Goa. I've few pictures from that trip and whenever I get to see them I miss my friends and those freakishly extraordinary days.

I remember when I used to meet any alumnus during my college days and he would say- you are living the best days of your life and once you are done with it, you are going to miss this golden era throughout your life. Today, I realize how true were those claims, and quietly I too have joined that group with exactly the same feelings.

The journey was indeed very special and no doubt it had to end someday, but what has been really exciting is bumping into all those college buddies somewhere sometime unexpectedly.Simply, magnificent!!

Ok, enough of emotional melodrama and here are few pics that I thought I will share with you all.

My Favorite-(L-R) Sid, I, Hanish, Gunish. Sitting in Front-Malhotra; Girl in the back-Shishim  
Tattoos and Shades-(L-R) Anjul,Hanish, Malhotra, Subodh, Kalia, Sid, I
PALS-Hanish & I



Swati said...

Indeed college days are one of the best days of any one's life and if you are in a place like goa with them, what else is required...
nice pics...

Tanvi said...

Ah! College days ... Good Times! :) Great Pics!

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Prathima gangadhar said...

times of your life ..pic shows how much fun you had back then :)

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Anonymous said...

i like pie

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