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Friday, May 20, 2011


One of my favorite company, Faqden Labs, has announced “IntelliVocab for SAT”, an application that personalizes the English vocabulary learning for SAT exam and for personal improvement.

IntelliVocab for SAT” exhibits great control over the studying environment; the users do not have to strategize their study approach rather just have to interact with the application. Intellivocab forSAT is powerful enough for the advanced learners and simple enough for the beginners, it uses latest machine learning algorithms and determines user's level of expertise, which is either “Expert” or “Commitment”, a truly interesting feature to mark progressive vocabulary learning. The application is so smart that it understands user’s progress and define further preparation plan, just in a way the more you play with it the more it becomes friendlier with you J….Intellivocab for SAT has been beta tested exclusively with the students appearing for SAT with flying colors. Few of the students whom I got to interact said- “IntelliVocab for SAT” enables users to achieve the top scores not only in the SAT competitive exam but also in their professional works.

Special Features of this really smartvocabulary building iphone app:
·         600 typical words in the Lite version
·         2 levels: Professional and Commitment
·         Every practice session contains custom set of words based on user's expertise level
·         Comprehensive progress report
·         Antonyms for every word
·         Remote sync for new words

You Can Run IntelliVocab For SAT on: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device

Most importantly, IntelliVocab For SAT is free app at Apple's itune Store. You can download it for free from here.

My rating for this SAT vocabulary buildingiPhone app= 4* out of 5

PS. IntelliVocab is for totally free download worldwide via the AppleStore in the Education category:
Company's Page:


Asta said...

cool! I am your new follower.

James said...

Interesting post. I use flashcards approach to learn up to 50 new words per day. Flashcards are always with me - in queue, bus, shop. To build cards I use Accelebrain

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