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Friday, July 9, 2010


I woke up late, I rushed to work.
I spent the day at office,
I’m tired and I’m hungry.
I feel like sleeping, I take few naps sitting.

After the dinner, the mind is still so tired.
The body wants to relax,
I switch on my laptop.
I sit on my comfortable chair,
The tiredness starts flying away.

The clock ticks forward,
It’s midnight again.
The eyes are lighten up,
The keyboard is clicking again.
The mind and the soul are together again.

Thought, after the another,
Mind is boggling with so many of them,
Soul is raring to express,
The eyes and the fingers are in perfect sync.
Words revolve, creativity evolves.

Gratification follows,
Mind feels free to fall asleep,
But the next midnight it’s those vibes again,
The volcanic eruption of thoughts is the same,
Creativity knocks at the midnight again,
It’s the Nocturnal Creativity again!!

P.S. Every night when I'm back from the work, I'm tired and I feel like NOT writing anything, but as the clock ticks past the midnight I'm fresh like a new born baby. There is a sudden eruption of thoughts in my mind & the soul feels like expressing them all. This happens almost every midnight or past it, and a new post on this blog is evolved thats why I named it- "Nocturnal Creativity". Do share if you too have the same symptoms ;-)


looking for maya said...

Thanks for the wishes Vivek .. If Nocturnal , then I am your new best friend .. :-)

Vivek Nanda said...

hey, so you belong to the same nest ;-)
Congratulations one again for your new job but make sure you sleep enough to be fresh at work...

jemina said...

Hi VIVEK, I'm definitely a nocturnal creature too :)), so you're not alone here, thanks for your sweet comment and in your interest to follow my blog, kindly go to SUBSCRIBE TO POST button on the top right corner of my blog, or you can follow me via BLOGLOVIN, thank you and happy weekend, xoxo

Vivek Nanda said...

@Jemi, thank you so much...yeah I gotcha...I'm there..thanks :)

jemina said...

VIVEK, thank you for your kind suggestion, I just added the followers section at my blog, I guess it'll be easier for readers if they were to follow mu blog, so thanks once again for this, happy weekend, HUGS, Jemina, xoxo

Vivek Nanda said...

@Jemi, thanks for taking my word...and thanks for the hugs ...have a gr8 time ahead :)

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