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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When I was a kid, I had my fascination for the cartoons a lot, and my favorite show was “Tom & Jerry”, the world’s best duo undoubtedly!! Later, with the evolution of cable TV in India, I got introduced to a brand new cartoon channel called the ‘cartoon network’. At that time I was still in the primary school and I used to feel really happy about the fact that there is one channel on the television, which shows the cartoons whole day. During my cartoon network days I got to know “Popeye-The Sailor Man”, Popeye was an interesting character for me, and very soon I became addicted to his show.

Popeye had some really catchy things that had real positive effects on me and my friends. Popeye, the cartoon character was simply amazing, was really strong, intelligent and honest. Popeye will fight the bad things, and fight to save his love and friends all the time. Popeye will have the green vegetables, his very own special ‘Spinach’, to gain instant power to fight his enemies. Popeye had those big strong forearms and he will wear a cool sailor costumes.
I remember, I started eating spinach after watching Popeye, and I used to tell my parents that I will eat spinach and become really strong like him one day J. Now when I’m a young man, I still like Popeye, though I don’t watch it, but I’m sure all kids still love him. Popeye is a really cool cartoon character, and surely a role model to lots of kids like me, especially boys. So, I thought to write this post to give tribute to this amazing character and may it be with all the generation to come, and inspire them to eat the right food and to do the good things. KUDOS to “POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN”!!

P.S. This post is dedicated to ‘Popeye’- the cartoon character and the sweet childhood memories it gave me.


Richa said...

To be honest, I never liked Popeye. I think the reason being that I watched him for the first time when I was a teenager and by that time I was old enough to dislike the way they represented Olive Oyl. All she does is weep and cry (like 60s bollywood heroine), and then will walk in Popeye with his spinach to save her. Episode after episode after episode.

Tom and Jerry used to be great show. I don't think you are old enough to have watched the show called Fairy tales theater. I think it was from British production and they had these theatrical representation of fairy tales. It was back in good old days of Doordarshan in 1980s. We grew up on that stuff and couldn't wait for Sunday mornings to catch. I have been trying to find them somewhere in DVDs. They were a treasure..

Vivek Nanda said...

Hello Richa, thanks for visiting here and I'm glad you shared your detailed views :).

Yeah may be you watched the Popeye too late, and believe me Popeye has been more famous among his male fans than females. You have to agree the muscles and the fighting things have always been a boy's stuff, boys are more attracted to such things. It is also true that Olive Oyl would always weep & cry, but she is the one who Popeye pampers, lady love you know :).

Tom & Jerry is no doubt the best series ever. I must admit I don't remember the Fairy Tales, but looks like you had real great time watching it every Sunday. I hope you get the DVDs for the same soon and you can treasure your childhood memories too. Take Care n have fun:)

bee!!! said...

I love Tom and jerry the most .. but Popeye caught my eye too ..I called my friends pet Olive .. he he ... You brought back memories dude

Vivek Nanda said...

@bee, a pet named Olive..wonderful
Anyway, thanks for visiting again :)

Keith said...

I still love cartoons and I'm almost 40. I love Popeye. I always love Tom & Jerry. That was such a fun cartoon to watch. Tom was my favorite.

Vivek Nanda said...

@Keith, its so nice to hear from you...One of the good things about cartoons is we love them through our lives, we might not watch them but we still admire them, isn't?
Anyway, thanks for visiting here and sharing your thoughts.Take care.

Becky said...

Yeah man! Popeye is a stud!

Vivek Nanda said...

@Becky, that is so correct :)
Thanks for visiting here.

meloni said...

I remember growing up with Fairy Tales telecasted on Doordarshan channel, very Sunday morning... Does anyone remember that show? It was late 80's early 90's!

Anonymous said...

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