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Sunday, July 4, 2010


You think its getting better,
You think its all over,
You thank for what you got,
But then you receive another surprise.
Now you have options.
Earlier you didn't have any,
Now you have choices.

You thought decisions are part of only struggle?
You thought its just about coming out of darkness.
No, no, you were wrong.
Life is a puzzle,
Life is mysterious.
It offers unwanted surprises.
It gives you too many options.

Now it’s your turn,
You have to pick the correct one.
Make a choice,
Think what you really want.
Think where it would take you.

It is designed such a way,
You are the architect of your life,
Make a decision, and go with it.
Don’t look back, there is no turning around.

Life indeed is a puzzle,
You have to select your path.
It’s not about the destination, its’ the journey.
Don’t be afraid, pick the best.
Love what you selected and the rest is history.

P.S. This poem is inspired from the various surprises of life that we all go through. How many times when we are in a bad shape and struggling to come out it, and we don’t find any option to come out of it, but suddenly one fine day- we get success, there is a way shown to us to come out of the struggle and live a life what we have always wanted. We feel so happy and blessed, we thank god for what have been offered, but suddenly the life gives us another surprise- there are more options offered. Now we get into dilemma of making the right choice, we put our head in it for many hours and still confused, we sit back and smile for while to say to ourselves- "what a strange life, earlier there was no option and now we have multiple. Life is indeed a puzzle" J


WarmSunshine said...

life is such a beautiful gift :)

Vivek Nanda said...

Yes, it indeed is. Thanks for visiting here and sharing your noble thought :-)

Sam said...

it reminds me of the new ad, "Lagta hai galat rassi pakad li" :) Beware of that.

Vivek Nanda said...

@Sam, ha ha ha thats a hilarious ad and it surely depicts the reality as well :-)

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